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SUNAX GmbH company profile and philosophy

Varying light conditions and sudden dazzle have always been among the main stress and risk factors for motorcyclists.

Before the founders of SUNAX® GmbH i.L., Drs. Gernot Heine and Jörg Strobel, wrote their doctoral theses in biomechanics and biology, on one of their motorcycle tours in the spring of 1999 they hit upon the idea of the best position for a special filter in difficult light conditions.

The SUNAX sun- and anti-glare visor uses a natural reflex of the human body: at sudden glare the head ducks slightly to avoid the discomfort – and at that moment the rider automatically looks through the sunshield and can see the road in front without further distortion. Approaching dangers can be recognised. Riding is considerably more relaxed under difficult light conditions.

In sunshine, the shield puts the eyes into a relaxing shade – entirely without sunglasses.

Over two years of research and development at University of Göttingen and daily practical testing Gernot Heine and Jörg Strobel created an ultra-light, highly effective anti-dazzle shield to be inserted in motorcycle helmets, now protected by international patent.

Special versions were developed, for example for ARAI helmets with their high-quality ventilation system.

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Their new company, originally called SunnySightUp GmbH (founded in March 2001) presented the first hand-made prototypes at that year’s Dortmund Motorcycling Fair. Since 2002 the SUNAX laminate, made in Germany, has been shaped by laser technology. Most of the production and assembly work is done by a Göttingen workshop for the disabled. Sales so far exceed 180,000 at home and abroad.

In mid-2008 Ralf Anders joined SUNAX GmbH as a second managing director for sales and marketing.