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Fitting instruction

Fitting instruction
Step 1: 
Insert a credit card or similar in the gap between inner lining and outer shell. Pull the card from the right to the left as in the picture. This procedure is also how we test compatibility for the Sunax Sunshield.
Fitting instruction
Step 2: 
Insert the left side of the SUNAX in the gap.
Fitting instruction
Step 3: 
Now put the right side in the gap.
Fitting instruction
Step 4: 
Insert untill the printed line.
Fitting instruction
Step 5: 
In your riding position the bottom edge should be placed like in the picture. This is the perfect position for an undisturbed view on the road. And your eyes are always in a relaxing shade! In the case of glare from low setting sun put your head a little down and look straight through the SUNAX glare protection!

You can fit all helmets with a gap between inner lining and outer shell.
When uncertainty make the card test like in Pic. #1
You can not fit a helmet with an integrated sun like SCHUBERTH C3.
We are the only manufacturer for effectively, retrofit glare protection for Arai helmets.
Find information at "SUNAX for Arai helmet"
Questions? Contact SUNAX!


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