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SUNAX for Arai

SUNAX Arai "dark", Price 19.95 €
SUNAX Arai "dark", Price 19.95 €
SUNAX Arai "silver", Price 24.95 €
SUNAX Arai "silver", Price 24.95 €
SUNAX MAX for Arai "steel", Price 39,95 €
SUNAX MAX for Arai "steel", Price 39,95 €

New for Arai Rebell and Quantum ST helmet. Our best seller "SUNAX MAX Arai steel" will fit the new helmet perfectly! If you order the item for the "Rebell" or for "Quantum ST" give us information which helmet you want to fit with the item.

This special sunshield for the high-quality ARAI helmets was developed at the request of many ARAI helmet users.
ARAI helmets with their highly innovative ventilation system have been popular in the motorcycling and racing world for a long time.
We adapted the shape to make the SUNAX idea also available for the technically sophisticated ARAI design.
Using the SUNAX sunshield also protects the eyes against draught, making it possible to ride with an open visor more often than without SUNAX.
Notize: You can fit your Arai-Helmet with SUNAX "BX" and SUNAX "Classic", if there is no ventilation slot on the upper site of the visor.
The version, who pictured on this site, is especially manufactured for Arai-Helmets with two ventilation slots on the upper site of the visor. (see the rigth picture) SUNAX is transparent for a clear view from inside to outside, nontransparent from outside to inside!

New development of SUNAX for Arai-helmets

Concerning the new progress of Arai to expand in the field of tour drivers, SUNAX advanced his sunshield for this aim. The new sunshield acts much better in the upright riding position and it is featured with the new blue protection film which is already used successfully at SUNAX BX steel.
The new sunshield design is much easier to be attached in the helmet, the sunshield surface was enlarged and by the new developed light filter sensible eyes fatigue later.

A SUNAX fitted helmet spared the wearing of sunglasses!

Important: In case of ordering "SUNAX MAX for Arai" give us your visor code from the helmet visor. You will find the visor code at the left lower edge seeen from the front. For better understanding please see the sample helmet in the "galery"


1. Provides against sun glare when the sun is low and in every driving situation
2. No handling, leaves your hands on the handlebars
3. No change needed from eyeglasses to sunglasses
4. 100% UV-protection with every colour and light filter foil
5. Better view of contrast with the "steel" version
6. Better protection against glare from the side and front with the SUNAX MAX
for Arai in an upright sitting position
7. No more extra weight, SUNAX weighs only 10 grams

Properties of the product series SUNAX for Arai


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