Can SUNAX be fit with all kinds of helmets?

SUNAX fits with 90% of all helmets without a pivoting sun visor. If a credit card fits in the upper slit of the helmet about 1.5 - 2 cm deep, and it can be drawn through all the way, SUNAX will fit in this helmet! For better infomation follow the link to products/fitting-instruction.

What happens to ECE 22-05 norm, or the approval?

Nothing! They remain untouched! When SUNAX is built into a helmet approved in accordance with ECE 22-05, the approval doesn't change!

Are there any costs for shipping when ordering in the shop?

No! SUNAX ships free of charge worldwide!

How does SUNAX work?

1. effect: SUNAX shields the eyes of the driver through a " peaked cap effect" when the sun is in a normal position! This means that in any situation, the vision of the driver changes from "dark" to "light".
2. effect: When the sun is low, the driver lowers his head by 2 centimeters and looks directly through the vizor. In both cases there isn't any glare, distraction, operation, and irritation!

How do I maintain my SUNAX vizor?

Basically, like any other vizor! Best with a soft cloth, water and some dishwahing soap! When there are tenacious stains, then soak the vizor and wipe it off afterwards. All conventional vizor cleaners work, as well! Important: Don't use any solvents or other cleaning agents that contain alcohol!!

Kann sich die Lichtfilterfolie ablösen?

Nein, die Lichtfilterfolie ist mit dem Trägermaterial fest verbunden. Wenn die Blende nicht geknickt wird oder anderweitig mechanisch beschädigt wird, kann sie nicht knittern oder sich ablösen. Die Form der Blende wird außerdem mit einem Laser geschnitten und dadurch wird sie quasi an den Kanten mit dem Trägermaterial verschweißt. Der Lichtfilter ist im Übrigen auch mit einer kratzfesten Versiegelung versehen.

Can SUNAX break or shatter?

No! SUNAX is made from a makrolone base, that is extremely flexible but tough at the same time and thus doesn't break or shatter.

How is SUNAX attached correctly?

1. The vizor must at least be pushed into the helmet slot up to the imprinted line!

2. The lower edge of SUNAX should be on a level with the eyebrows! Thus, the view below the vizor is always unobstructed and the field of vision remains fully intact!

3. SUNAX can be adjusted to any driver staglessly variably by means of its stop-fleece on the back side!

What is the difference between"dark, "silver", and "steel"?

The different tints of SUNAX accomodate the different photosensitivities of the eyes.
"dark": Eyes don't react sensitively to sunlight. Rarely needs sunglasses.
"silver": Eyes react sensitively to sunlight. Often wears sunglasses.
"steel": Eyes react very sensitively to sunlight. Predominantly wears sunglasses. Although it has the strongest filter of light (95% filter of light), this tint enables for a completely clear view and contrasts are amplified.

Does SUNAX make sense in combination with a tinted visor?

The tint of the visor doesn't have any influence on the installation of SUNAX! No visor provides for an effective shield of glare when the sun is low! Here's the reason: the tints of visors range from 50%-70%- that doesn't suffice for driving towards the sun. When the visor is put up, it doesn't have any effect, yet the SUNAX- sunshield does!

Can I still identify colors with SUNAX?

Yes, even without any restraints! In all tints, signal and warning colors remain completely preserved! Partly, they even become more distinct (i.e. tint "steel" really brightens up yellow)

Does SUNAX have to be taken off in the evening?

No! SUNAX is installed once, adjusted and then remains attached to the helmet! Without restraints!
Tinted visor = "day use only"
SUNAX = "24 hour use"