Sun shield: SUNAX BX dark

Sun shield: SUNAX BX dark

Helmet: Shoei z-one

Helmut´s Blog on Chromeheads BMW Cruiser Formum:

I recently bought myself a new Shoei XR 1100 helmet and then added two fantastic products:

1. The Pinlock anti-fog screen:

2. The Sunax sunshield:

First, the Shoei is an excellent helmet; a perfect fit for me and everything works really well. It has very good airflow and the visor seals properly.

Today I went for a 250km ride to test all three products. The weather was cool and showery with occasionally the sun glaring through between the clouds.

I had the visor completely closed all the way and there was never even a hint of it fogging up. I had a perfectly clear view at all times.

The Sunax sunshield also worked perfectly; completely taking away the glare when the sun came out. The sunshield is above eye level so the normal view is below it. When the sun is very low in the sky I tilt my head slightly forward to screen it with the sunshield, which is easily see through- just like a good pair of sunglasses.

I use RainX on my visor so even when it rains it stays clear, I don't even have to use wiper on the glove.

I've always enjoyed riding in the rain (as long as it's not to heavy), now I enjoy it even more!


Helmut Im. from Australia