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Desmoto, Feb. 2011
GEAR REVIEW SUNAX helmet sunvisor by Ben Deriu Ben seems to have found the perfect solution to sun glare for those of us (ie. most of us) who do not own helemts with the retractable fighter style internal sunvisor. Whilst talking to Ben during coffee on the Buchan ride your Editor noticed that his beautiful new Shoei seemed to have an internal...
AMCN, Writeup from 2011-03-17
AMCN, Writeup from 2011-03-17
Something about SUNAX Sunshield in Australia. Please read the attached PDF-file.
Reisemotorrad Empfehlung
Reisemotorrad "Toward the sun"
High visibility is imperative for safe driving. For a clear view even in critical lighting conditions, Sunax offers effective antidazzle devices for motorcycle helmets. To make sure your ride towards the sunset does not turn out to be a fatality. Don't blink: it's only shading that will make for relaxed visibility. For a cowboy, riding towards the...
Alpentourer 1_2009
"Alpentourer, 1/2009": Perfect glare protection
Fast light changes are always a problem for motor cyclists.The reason: Sun glasses or tinted visors do not ideally adjust to quick changes in light intensities. Tunnel entrances and exits in the Alps especially present a great risk in this respect. Even an integrated rotatable sun shield is not much use, as it requires bikers to move their hand...
SUNAX High Performance Sunshields
SUNAX High Performance Sunshields
Sunax Sunshields provide glare protection without limitation. If it is properly affixed to the helmet, the biker's eyes will always be in the sunshield's pleasant medium shade. However, Sunax-Shields are not at all supposed to replace sunglasses. Far more it offers the eyes shade throughout the entire year and, due to just one downward head...
"Reisemotorrad 02/2008": For good prospects
"Reisemotorrad 02/2008": For good prospects
SUNAX sun- and anti-dazzle shield: Sunglasses or a tinted visor are among the most important motorcyclist’s accessories. On a varied tour past fields, woods and meadows, however, the big drawback is that they can hardly adapt to quickly changing light conditions. The change from bright sunlight to the darkness of a forest can easily become a risky...
"Tourenfahrer" 2007
Tourenfahrer: "Für Lichtgestalten"
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"Nürburger": Into the Sun
Never blinded by the sun again and clear vision nevertheless: We tested whether the new sunshields by SUNAX live up to their manufacturer’s promise in practice. Every motorcyclist knows the problem – especially when the sun is low, you can see hardly anything and your eyes get tired faster. In theory, sunglasses or a tinted visor help, but in...