"Alpentourer, 1/2009": Perfect glare protection

Alpentourer 1_2009

Fast light changes are always a problem for motor cyclists.The reason: Sun glasses or tinted visors do not ideally adjust to quick changes in light intensities.
Tunnel entrances and exits in the Alps especially present a great risk in this respect. Even an integrated rotatable sun shield is not much use, as it requires bikers to move their hand from the handle bars to the helmet.
This is where precious seconds are lost and an unsafe moment is created.
That is why SUNAX sun visor "BX" comes in handy, as it can additionally be attached to almost any motorcycle helmet. This unbreakable Makrolon visor, weighing only 13 grams and with special coating, is inserted and individually positioned in the gap between the inner and outer helmet casing, until the bottom edge of the visor sits marginally above the eyelids. The two "Stopp-Fleece" inserts provide for a secure fastening. During normal use, the driver's field of vision is kept free, while the eyes are comfortably shaded by the visor. When necessary, a slight downwards tilt of the head is enough for the driver to look straight through the visor and thus protect himself from the glaring rays. All visors provide 100% UV-protection; on top of this, the version including reflective coating offers 18% more protection compared to the black version.

It takes little effort to insert the SUNAX BX visor into a helmet. It provides a free view during normal use, but provides immediate protection to light glare when necessary, and provides effective protection against UV-rays.

Photos: SUNAX GmbH and "Alpentourer"

"Alpentourer" Nr. 01/2009
"Alpentourer, 1/2009": Perfect glare protection