Desmoto, Feb. 2011


SUNAX helmet sunvisor
Ben Deriu

Ben seems to have found the perfect solution to sun glare for those of us (ie. most of us) who do not own helemts with the retractable fighter style internal sunvisor. Whilst talking to Ben during coffee on the Buchan ride your Editor noticed that his beautiful new Shoei seemed to have an internal sunvisor:

Ed: "Nice helmet, Ben. Is that sunvisor a feature on the new Shoei models?"

Ben: "Thanks Neil. No its not part of the Shoei, I found this sunvisor written up on the web and after some mucking around ordered one from Germany."

Ed: "So how does it work?"

Ben: "You just slide it in between the lining and the shell, and when you get hit with sun glare you simply tilt your head until the glare is cut out by the sunvisor. Easy."

Ed: "Looks like a solution, where do I get one?"

Ben: "SUNAX.de - I had to order mine from Germany but it looks like the guy has an Australin site setup now: SUNAX.com.au"

Ed: "Thanks Ben!"

Ben: "The website has all the details. Price from $40 AUD. They also have model for AraiĀ“s which has slots for the upper visor vents."

Desmoto, Feb. 2011