"Reisemotorrad 02/2008": For good prospects

"Reisemotorrad 02/2008": For good prospects

SUNAX sun- and anti-dazzle shield:

Sunglasses or a tinted visor are among the most important motorcyclist’s accessories. On a varied tour past fields, woods and meadows, however, the big drawback is that they can hardly adapt to quickly changing light conditions. The change from bright sunlight to the darkness of a forest can easily become a risky ‘flying blind’ moment. Even a hinged sun visor needs a free hand as well as a few seconds’ action by the biker, distracting from what is happening on the road. The solution is much easier, though, and much more intuitive: The SUNAX ‘BX’ sun and anti-dazzle shield makes an idea that has been used in motor rallying for a long time available for almost any motorcycle helmet. The only requirement is a 1.5 mm wide and 2 cm deep gap between the inner and outer lining. Whether there is such a gap can be tested easily with a bank card. If so, the 13 g light laminated Makrolon shield can be installed and individually positioned in moments. The lower edge of the shield should be in line with the eyebrows. Two ‘stop fleece’ inserts keep it in place. From now on, ducking the helmeted head a little is all that is needed to cut out dazzle and avert highly dangerous situations.

The manufacturing quality and performance of the SUNAX ‘BX’ sun and anti-dazzle shield are shown by tests carried out on a Hoya testing system by the very service-oriented Munich optician Übelhör.

Both the tinted version and the mirrored version provide 100% protection against ultraviolet light. The tinted version gives 86% and the mirrored version 100% dazzle protection.

Conclusion: The SUNAX ‘BX’ sun and anti-dazzle shield cuts out dangerous dazzle very effectively without darkening the whole field of vision. Even with low sun the BX is activated by just a slight movement of the head. And the biker’s hands can stay where they belong – on the handlebars.

Our tip: the mirrored version, offering 100% protection against ultraviolet light and dazzle.

REISE MOTORRAD 02/2008, page 98
"Reisemotorrad 02/2008": For good prospects