Reisemotorrad "Toward the sun"

Reisemotorrad Empfehlung

High visibility is imperative for safe driving. For a clear view even in critical lighting conditions, Sunax offers effective antidazzle devices for motorcycle helmets. To make sure your ride towards the sunset does not turn out to be a fatality.

Don't blink: it's only shading that will make for relaxed visibility.

For a cowboy, riding towards the sun at a comparatively slow pace, a suddenly scurrying rabbit or a stage coach fulminating from the west, pose no threat. However, for riders of steel horses, the circumstances are completely different. In the event of this unnaturally fast kind of locomotion, our senses - and in particular our eyes - experience a completely different kind of exposure. Suddenly changing lighting conditions and irritations caused for instance by riding along tree-lined streets or through tunnels, require all our concentration. Our brains scent danger, our bodies are under stress. Unfortunately, their "make" does not allow for our eyes to adapt to new circumstances as quick as it would be required by such situations. Therefore, many bikers make use of sunglasses, darkly tinted vizors or swivel-type shades which are more and more frequently directly integrated with the helmet. These accessories reduce the incidence of light in total, i.e. it gets darker and the pupils will dilate. Being exposed to glaring daylight, this of course relieves the eye; however, it is no effective protection from glare caused by, for instance, a low sun.

Quick assembly: simply insert Sunax vizors between inner and outer shell.

Sunax has been engaged with this issue for about ten years and has developed retrofittable anti-dazzle devices for motorcycle helmets. The featherweight, only about 30 cm wide and special coated Makrolonstrip is simply inserted between the helmet's shell and its interior pad and positioned for its lower edge to be about on the level of your eyebrows.

Thus, your eyes will be shaded from above and sideward, which will already prevent the most frequent glaring conditions. As for the rest, all it takes is to move the head downward a bit so that the driver will look right through the strip. The strip will filter deranging light frequencies without distorting safety-relevant details; i.e. warning colors from traffic lights or emergency lights can still be perceived as such. Furthermore, contrasts which would be dwindled away by a darkly tinted vizor be will be retained or even enhanced.

Being still manually cut out with scissors for our first trade-fair appearance in Dortmund 2001, Sunax Sun Vizors have long been laser-processed and are distributed worldwide by now. There is a classic variant for athletically forward bended pilots, the somewhat broader BX-version for upright sitting drivers of touring bikes, choppers and trail bikes as well as special shape for Arai-helmets. Depending on your personal sensitivity to light, you can choose between "dark" (rather insensitive), "silver" and "steel". The respective prices range from EUR 19.95 to 34.95.

Sunax vizors are distortion-free, will not steam up, comply with ECE-standards and do not need to be removed at night. That means, no service is needed - a quick downward turn of the head is all it takes, and the hands can be kept on the driver when riding. The only handicap: not all helmet makes feature an available slot in between inner and outer shell, and neither can the anti-dazzle devices be used with helmets that come with integrated, swivel-type sun vizors. For all other types of helmets
– and these make the majority – this smart vizor is an absolutely useful accessory.

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Reisemotorrad, 02/2010
Blinding by the sun (left eye), same situation with SUNAX (right side)