SUNAX High Performance Sunshields

SUNAX High Performance Sunshields

Sunax Sunshields provide glare protection without limitation. If it is properly affixed to the helmet, the biker's eyes will always be in the sunshield's pleasant medium shade.

However, Sunax-Shields are not at all supposed to replace sunglasses. Far more it offers the eyes shade throughout the entire year and, due to just one downward head movement, produces relaxed viewing conditions in every type of glaring situation.

An advancement of Sunax-Shields is Sunax-BX. Due to its farther pulled down flanks, it protects up to 50 per cent better against laterally inciding, flickering lights which may lead to the driver's quicker fatigue.

Sunax-BX is available in "darkly tinted" and "silver-colored mirrored" version, each up from EUR 24.95, and can be obtained at many motorcycle- and accessories dealers or directly on the internet at

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