On this page you find all information about the several SUNAX-products and which of them will be the best for your claims.
We offer appropriate products for each different riding position and your personal light sensitivity of your eyes. So you can drive really relaxed in the future.
Under the menu item “ A brief scientific excursion” you can go on a little excursion to the background of the development of SUNAX and find out why SUNAX is superior to all other sunshade-systems. Under “Fitting instruction” a slide show demonstrate how to attach your sunshade and you can read our customers reviews.
The choice of the right shape and the correct light filter is rather simple. There is just a difference between the sporty and the upright riding position and the question after your eyes` light sensitivity. That`s it!
It doesn`t play a role if you have an Arai*-, AGV-, BMW System-, BMW Sport-, HJC-, IXS-, Laser-, Moto Guzzi-, Nolan-, OGK-, Piaggio-, ROOF-, Shark-, Shoei Multitec-, Shoei XR 1000-, Shoei XR 1100-, Shoei Raid-, Shoei Quwest-, Uvex- oder X-Lite-helmet.
Your helmet is not mentioned and not listed in the gallery?
Just accomplish the test with a card as shown in the “installation guide” and you immediately know if you can attach the SUNAX sunshade. Then choose the right light filter for your eyes and order the accordant sunshade.
There is certainly one exception! If you are using a helmet with a pivoting sunshade you can` t use the benefits of SUNAX. It` s unfortunately not possible to attach SUNAX in these helmets.
Enjoy this page!

* For the Arai-helmets with their upper forehead ventilation we developed a particular solution. You find this under “SUNAX for Arai”!