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Shoei XR 1000 fitted with SUNAX BX steel
U. G. from France
Bonjour Herr anders Yesterday afternoon I made a small tour till the evening, of about 120km with the new SUNAX built-in visor. This part is simply great! The eyes are very relaxed during the entire trip, glare protection, excellent. A top invest! Just a great product and only recommend .... :) :) :) :) :) :) Greetings from sunny and glare France...
NAU N 20 Poison/SUNAX BX steel
V. from Belgium
Hello, Helmet: NAU Model: N20 Poison SUNAX = Excellent product!!!! :-) V. (from Belgium)
Shoei/SUNAX BX silver
Pavel E. from Russia
Hello Ralf! I just back from vacation, and I did not forget about some pictures of my helmet (its in attachments) What can i say about SUNAX - its just great to have and ride! It did not spoil the vision, but it helps a lot in sunny days and I do not have to change visors anymore. The only thing which could make this product better is some sticky...
SUNAX Classic dark
“Hello! Been riding with the Classic Darkspeed for a few years and I’m completely satisfied!!! Now I’m thinking of a replacement … About the BX: is it just a different tint? Thanks for your info!” Klaus-D. M., Niederrhein
SUNAX MAX for Arai "steel"
E-Mail via from Italy, 28.04.09:
Hi Ralf item has arrived today in the morning.... Thank u for great communication and excellent item.... Alessandro
Shoei Multitec/SUNAX BX dark
E-Mail via from Koen D., Belgium
Hello, I just wrote a blog post about your product: (Note from SUNAX: Note the disclaimer!) Feel free to reference to it in your commercial material. Full res pictures can be found here: You can use them for free under the CC attribution no derivs license. This means you...
Internetposting from William C.
Internetposting from William C.
"a nods as good as a wink - but this could save your life" William C. from France Quote from a very satisfied customer
Sun shield: SUNAX BX dark
Sun shield: SUNAX BX dark
Helmet: Shoei z-one Helmut´s Blog on Chromeheads BMW Cruiser Formum: I recently bought myself a new Shoei XR 1100 helmet and then added two fantastic products: 1. The Pinlock anti-fog screen: 2. The Sunax sunshield: First, the Shoei is an excellent helmet; a perfect fit for me and everything works...
Hello SUNAX-Team!
Hallo Sunax-Team ! Ich war bisher mit der Sonnenblende BX Steel aus Ihrer Produktion unterwegs und war immer mehr als zufrieden damit und habe Sunax bei jeder Gelegenheit gerne weiterempfohlen. Ich fahre seit Kurzem einen Supersportler und fuhr zuvor eine Reiseeunduro. Laut Ihres Sortiments passen zu Superportlern die Classic-Modelle, jedoch habe...
Via Mail at SUNAX from 24.10.2010:
Via Mail at SUNAX from 24.10.2010:
This is an enquiry e-mail via from: ----- Original Message ----- From: Randy & Cathy T. / Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2010 8:46 AM Subject: Sunax Sunshield Sun Shade Review I purchased one of these sun shades. Direct from Germany. The company was very...